3 Ways That Window Film Helps your Houseplants Thrive

Whether you are a plant hoarder or can barely keep a succulent alive, you know the importance of exactly how much sunlight plants need to survive. 

We have had dozens of customers raise the question: does window film harm my plants? The truth is that window film can help your plants grow faster and stronger. 

1.       Reduces the heat coming from the sun to prevent frying of plants.

Most of our films are designed to help with the solar heat that comes in from the sun each day. An excess of heat on your plants can lead to the frying of their leaves and leave them more susceptible to disease. In turn, the solar control will help to retain heating in your space in the winter so that you and your plants can hang out at a comfortable temperature. 

2.       Retain water better in cooler temperatures so you will need to water them less. 

With the reduced amount of heat from direct sunlight, plants remain cool enough to retain water in their soil. This helps plants to pull water from the soil when it is needed and not dry out. Because plants are more likely to retain water, you do not have to water them as much or as often. Be mindful to not over-water your plants as it adjusts to the temperature and light. 

3.       Only allow red and blue rays to pass thru the glass to promote the photosynthesis cycle. 

Window film does not filter out visible and transmissible light that plants need for photosynthesis. The film just blocks out the UV rays that are harmful to people’s skin. Darker films with tints will change the amount of transmissible light that enters your space but not to the high levels that will stunt plant growth and photosynthesis. 

Test the theory! 

Over the past three months, we have been growing a house plant on the desk near a filmed window in our office. This plant has survived even at the hands of a girl with a very black thumb when it comes to gardening. I even took a few vacations and forgot to have someone else water my plant while I was out. This plant has not only thrived but is budding with tons of new leaves. 

Try it for yourself

If you are concerned that a dark film will prevent growth, move your plant to an area of your house with less light and see how it changes after a week. You can even spot-test the film with samples that we provide to see how the plants react to the film without the full commitment.  

Give us a call today to find out how our film can help your plants thrive! And if anyone tells you that you don’t need anything plant, tell ‘em that Five Star said to add it to the collection.   “

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