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Transform your home and business with decorative, privacy or printed window film! Decorative film can provide much-needed distraction privacy in the workplace – as well as privacy for your home or business. It also can add decorative flair to stark glass walls that are so popular in today’s architectural design.

If you are planning a project involving glass windows, doors or walls – we’d like to welcome you to the world of Decorative Window Tint! Window film is perfect for any project where you’re looking to improve the look of glass or create privacy while hitting your budget numbers.

Namibia Gradient Decorative Film – One of the hundreds of Decorative Window Film Designs by Solyx:

Namibia Gradient Decorative Film – One of the hundreds of Decorative Window Film Designs by Solyx:

5 Star’s lineup of decorative tint and films range from standard frost films to a wide variety of available printed designs as well as cut films. If you don’t find a film which suits your needs – we can custom print any design. We have in-house printing capabilities for custom logos and murals. Additionally we can design and cut window film to incorporate logos into your design ideas.

Griffin Properties. This frost film installation is a great example of our cut film plotting capabilities. Incorporating their name and corporate logo into the design – this frosted window film provides great curb appeal, signage and privacy to their building:

Griffin Properties

Aquinas College Chapel. Prior to installation by Vos Glass, we filmed this nearly 600lb window with “Neptune” by Decorative Films:

Aquinas College Chapel

Hutchinson, Grand Rapids. This gradient film is opaque from the top fading downward. Each pane of film is custom cut with the company name and logo within the opaque portion of the film:

Spectrum Health, 461 Michigan Street. 3M Fasara Linen Film is a popular decorative film used to create subtle privacy for cubicles, partitions and railings:

Spectrum Health, 461 Michigan Street

Gerald R Ford International Airport. We printed, produced and installed this logo mural at the Airport’s newly renovated break room. This image was printed on Solyx Frost Film to offer privacy and decorative flair to the area:

Gerald R Ford International Airport

The greatest advantage to our in-house printing and plotting capabilities is the lower cost to our customers and better lead times for production and installation. The greatest advantage of decorative window film itself is savings that goes far beyond the cost of custom glass. The reduction in production time on a project is tremendous.

With decorative window tint all of these advantages and more, are yours! You can also visit the Solyx and 3M™ FASARA™ home page to see other countless decorative film possibilities! As a local Grand Rapids company, we are proud to serve the West Michigan area.

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