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We’re West Michigan’s most experienced and credentialed Window Film Business. We strive to give our residential and commercial customers the best products, service and value for their money. If you’re curious about our customer satisfaction levels, take a look at some of our reviews for an idea as to what we’re willing to do to go the extra mile for you!

Glare Reduction Window Film

(Above) Before and after of a residential customer that had us install window film for glare reduction. Notice that the level of visibility isn’t reduced – so the great view and beautiful scenery is not diminished. The glare is reduced and the vision outside is actually IMPROVED.  Window tinting really does the trick!

(Below) These are great examples of a residential need for privacy.  Instead of blinds or window treatments in places where they are simply impossible or inconvenient to install – window film is the perfect solution at a much lower cost.

Privacy Window Film Installation

Window tint can not only cut glare, it reduces fading and provides solar control to lower energy costs . We have films that reject up to 99.9% of damaging UV rays and are designed to keep you cool, comfortable and protected. The benefits of window film can be appreciated in singular residential homes as well as group housing situations with gathering rooms and dining halls as seen below.

(Below) Commercially, Store Fronts get excessive heat and glare which makes it an uncomfortable place to work and shop. Window film will solve this problem, and as added bonus, reflective film products can provide the benefit of daytime privacy. Safety and Security film can also be applied as a layer of protection to commercial as well as residential buildings.

(Below) Solid or gradient decorative window film can be installed on the interior or exterior windows of a building. Decorative film can adds interior design and decorative flair to stark glass interior walls. These films come in hundreds of designs and patterns that offer distraction, subtle or opaque privacy. The example below is a Grass Gradient window film by Solyx/Decorative Films

Finally, if you are concerned about what window tinting will look like in your home or building, our experienced team will guide you to the right product to fit your needs. We offer a free consultation and assessment, and will bring along samples so you can choose with confidence! Below are exterior and interior examples of some of the beautiful homes we have filmed.

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