3M Di Noc Transformations!

3M Di Noc Architectural Finishes can be applied to various surfaces and materials allowing infinite creativity. Check out some of these examples to get a glimpse of the possibilities we provide to make your transformation project easier and more affordable than you could possibly imagine!

3M Di Noc film

Recently our installer had the opportunity to try out Di Noc refacing applications on different substrates. Think of the possibilities! 3M designed this film with the ability to apply it to countless surfaces and with so many different pattern designs, just think of the possibilities!

3M Di Noc Possibilities

The magic of architectural or decorative refacing can be amazing.

A plain column can be transformed by wrapping it in Marble Di Noc, or a new wood grain finish can rejuvenate old steel doors. Can you imagine that old door in your building or hallway looking like it was freshly installed yesterday? With 3M, you can!

3M Di Noc Transformations

3M Architectural Finishes can even dress up a car, inside or out! With patterns designed specifically to complement a car’s interior, the possibilities are nearly endless!

3M Di Noc Auto

More examples of transformations our installer experienced with 3M finishes. Making old new again! Just think how much money you can save on new furniture and hardware around your house with one of these projects!


3M offers a range of over 700 different finishes, including 234 new designs that incorporate the latest trends in interior design surfaces.  We are excited to offer this product to businesses and homeowners alike!
Be sure to check out our Di Noc Gallery to see some of our client’s transformations!  For for more information – give us a call by clicking this link: “Contact Us“.  To see more 3M Surface and Glass Finishing Solutions for Architecture and Interior Design check out 3M’s site: 3M Interior Finishes
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