5 Star Receives 3M Marketing Leadership Award

3M Prestige Dealer Meeting in Phoenix, Arizona

Randy Hutson, 5 Star Window Coatings Owner/CEO (on left); Dan Borowski, 3M Midwest Territory Manager (center); Nick TeBos, 5 Star Window Coatings Sales Representative (on right)


3M Window Films Territory Manager Midwest Dan Borowski had some awesome words to say as 5 Star just picked up the Marketing Leadership Award at the 3M Prestige Dealer Meeting in Phoenix, Arizona: “All cylinders firing! Committed to excellence in every aspect of their business from Office Administration to Installation Crews, led by Owner Randy Hutson who leads by example, sets his company standards and goals internally and externally, and stands by his words and does what he says he will do – ALWAYS, his word being truth!!”

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