Adding a little EXTRA to this home.

What a Creative and Attractive Way to Cover an Attic Window!

<strong>Aslan Etched Glass Printable Window Film<strong><br >

Windows in unfinished areas of a residence will expose trusses, studs and storage that many would rather not be seen. Putting up a blind or roller shade can be difficult, impractical, and sometimes impossible! 5 Star has a solution for that – Window Film!

Some of the most popular film choices for attics, garages and unfinished basements is black-out or frost film. Each does a great job of hiding what doesn’t need to be seen.

Our residential client wanted to cloak and film his attic window – but also have us add a personal touch. We printed this monogram “M” on exterior frost film that has just a little shimmer to it. The result looks fantastic!

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