Creating An Art-Alternative to Decorative Privacy Film

Printed One-Way Perforated Vinyl is the best of both worlds!

Working with the Spectrum Butterworth ER Trauma Clinic – we’ve taken decorative privacy to a whole new level for their patients and staff.  What was once clear glass door and windows panels on imaging rooms are now covered with one-way perforated vinyl art that is visible from the outside, see thru from the inside.  The bonus is – these images are simply beautiful!

Henry Domke Art Images Printed on 50/50 Perforated Vinyl

The art (above) was chosen from Henry Domke Fine Art @ – who specializes in Nature Art for Healthcare. Our graphics department produced these images in a continuous mural form to span several windows – as well as for a singular window installation.

Installation of Online-Sourced Art that 5 Star Printed and Installed at Spectrum Butterworth, Grand Rapids.

Printing on perforated vinyl is a great alternative when one-way privacy is needed. Mural graphics can also be printed on completely opaque vinyl film to provide privacy on both sides of the glass. Images chosen must be in a high enough resolution to withstand enlarging without pixelation. Our graphics department will ensure the best quality possible so we can deliver a result that exceeds expectations!

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