New Office Trend: A Band of Window Film for Privacy

The trend of modern day architecture is to incorporate walls of glass in the corporate environment. As open and inviting as this industrial trend appears to be – privacy is often important in order to work productively without distraction.  Additionally, in many fields, creating privacy is a necessity in order to protect client, customer, or patient privacy and confidentiality. One of the most effective ways to add a decorative touch as well as create that bit of privacy is to add a band of window film, typically Clear Frost Film, to large panels of glass.

band office cubicle

New office cubicle in the Van Andel Institute – before film installation.

band office cubicle 2

A 48″ Band of Clear Frost Film is installed for privacy.

This band of 48″ Clear Frost Film allows natural light to filter in – adding a distraction/privacy barrier to any office space.  It is the perfect answer for offices that have glass doors, side lights or glass walls.

band butterball 1

Office space at Butterball Farms, Inc., in Grand Rapids before film installation.

band butterball 2

This Band of Clear Frost Film makes a huge difference in this office environment.

Clear Frost Bands of up to 72″ can also be applied to the inside surface of exterior glass as well as interior glass walls of conference rooms and interior work environments.

photo band privacy

60″ band of Clear Frost Film is applied to the inside glass surface of multiple exterior glass windows.

Large bands of film can also enhance privacy in interior work environments such as conference rooms, boardrooms, waiting rooms, lobbies, computer labs, shared office spaces.

band at custer

A band of 60″ Frost installed in an interior office space with glass walls.

Opaque window film as well as decorative film can also be applied in bands for design, privacy and safety reasons.

band cool grey gerber

A band of Cool Grey Film applied around the security area at Gerber Products Company in Fremont.

Custom applications can be designed to include company logos, names, and designs incorporated in the decorative window film.


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