Bomb Blast Mitigation

As we’ve covered before on our Security Film page, a new innovation in the world of window film is Armorcoat by Solargard. This film incorporates the newest in plastics technology to improve safety and security anywhere there are glass windows and doors. This is an amazing development since traditionally the go-to option for window and door security was expensive plexiglass or safety-glass. This film helps to cut costs across the board without breaking your budget, and as you can see in the video below, it does not skimp on protection! Check out this test by Solargard for their Armorcoat 8 mil film!

Understandably, not everyone feels that bomb blast mitigation is necessary, but think of what you can take from this video! Imagine what a burglar, or anyone else, would need to go through in order to get through this before being caught. On our security film page we include a video of the beating from blunt force this film can take, now with this we are proud to show you that this film takes more than most can throw at it in order to get into your home or business. In the past year we’ve installed this film in many schools and gun stores as well as other high-priority areas to increase bomb blast mitigation. This greatly upgrades the security of all glass windows and doors, whether it’s at home, work, or in schools! There’s many reasons so many are opting for this to be installed during their next project, for more information check out the Solargard Armorcoat homepage to learn more!

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