Company Product Murals Create Privacy and Livens Up Space

Custom Designed & Printed Vinyl Window Film in the Corporate Atmosphere Promotes Connection with Product and Delivers Visual Interest

<strong>XS Energy Drink Mural at Amway Global Headquarters Ada MI<strong>

Designed in cooperation with Amway Global, we printed and installed this Amway product mural on the expansive glass-walled hallway space at their headquarters in Ada, Michigan.

This mural is installed on the hallway side of conference rooms which also have a 48″ mural band installed inside for privacy. The new mural provides a solution to hide the plain gray backing of the mural inside the room, and adds visual interest to the common office space area.

Bands of window film whether it be decorative frost, or in this case printed vinyl, are very popular in corporate buildings in areas where privacy is limited by glass wall structures. A band of window film allows light to still come through a majority of the glass (top and bottom) – while providing both privacy and an element of interior design or decorative flair.

In creating any printed wall mural – the resolution of the image is the key to a sharp, clear and successful outcome. Corporate marketing departments can often supply suitable images to enlarge, as well as online Photographers of Fine Art, who can provide images for a reasonable price.

We strive to take our clients ideas and imagination to the next level by designing, creating & installing their vision! Check out some of our printed window film and decorative film installations in our Image Galleries. You can also view a time lapse video of this Amway mural installation in our 5 Star in Action selection in our Image Galleries.

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