Custom Cut Vinyl for Corporate Branding, Signs and Design

Check out the custom vinyl film work we did for Element Four Technology Services in Kentwood!

What was just a plain green accent wall now has a company logo design element. A great way to carry corporate branding into the workspace!

The expansive 247 X 105″ wall space


Each individual custom-cut white vinyl logo (which was 31 X 30″) had to be measured out on the wall and individually installed in place


Our installers created a staggered pattern similar to a wallpaper design


The completed project turned out exactly like our client’s concept


Additionally we created, custom-cut and installed 6-color door signs with the name of the company and corporate logo for space identification – as well as suite space identification above their main office door.

Finally, we created the 2-directional street sign in black vinyl.

Whether the need is a sign, corporate branding, or decorative flair – all of these areas can be addressed with custom-cut vinyl and an incredible installation team!

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