Custom Printed Privacy Window Film – Streamlining Two Separate Needs

A professional and versatile way to identify office space

GVSU recently identified some windows in the Design Thinking Program on campus that needed a more professional way to provide privacy for their room – and also identify the space. Recognizing the work we have produced in the past (with printed frost), for other departments on campus – they contacted us to see what we could do for this space.

<strong>Before Blinds and a make shift logo on the windows of the Design Thinking Academy GVSU Allendale Campus <strong>

Mini – blinds typically don’t look, from a design perspective, very professional or attractive. While they may serve their purpose for privacy, they often don’t look very streamlined and symmetrical, especially from the outside looking in. A great solution for privacy, in this case, was in fact a frosted window film. Because there was also a need for room identification, we chose a printable vinyl privacy film that is somewhat translucent for ample ambient light transmission. Ice Look Etch Glass Frosted Film is ideal for printing and has a silver etched glass effect. Metallic pigments give this decorative film the special finishing and high quality optic when being applied on glass. We printed the Design Academy Logo on this film and installed it on the three windows of the GVSU AuSable rooms 1112 and 1114. The result – fantastic!

<strong>After pictures of Lumina Ice Look Etch Glass Printed Window Film at the GVSU Design Thinking Program Space<strong>

Professional results – streamlining the need for privacy and space identification – all with the addition of custom printed window film.

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