Lowering cooling costs in the heat of summer!

Ever ask yourself how to cut down on cooling costs during the smoldering heat of summer? Here at Five Star we’re all about giving you the tips and tools to save you money, but there’s already a plethora of articles online today that all contain the same 5-10 tips on how to save on cooling costs, so instead of repeating the same information we’re hoping to go a slightly different route here. Today the topic is exterior window film. Over the next couple of months we’re going to be bringing you an array of tips to cut back on the high cooling costs that summer brings with its beautiful weather so we hope you stop in again to see what’s next!

Ever drive by a skyscraper like this and see their shiny reflective windows?

cooling costs

That’s not just for privacy, although it does a great job at that as well. The less obvious feature of this film is all the light it’s reflecting is also keeping the heat out as well! This type of film is great at allowing a great view of the outdoors while doing a great job of preventing too much heat in. Not only that, but it also protects those inside from the harmful UV rays, one of the harmful side effects of the sun that lead to cancer. Not to mention it give skyscrapers and other modern architecture its signature look,  all for a price that’s well below the cost of glazed glass panels!

These benefits aren’t limited to commercial buildings or reflective films. These are just some of the features of exterior window films that are meant to provide a high level of protection from the sun. Some of the features included in Solargard’s Sentinel Outside Weatherable (OSW)  lineup include:

-Enhancing glass with the features of security film

-lowering  heat and glare

-decreasing the fading of carpet and furniture

Take a look at the statistics, it’s hard to argue with numbers like these!

cooling costs

Not to mention, window film is completely compatible with blinds and curtains, no modifications are needed to have these installed!

For more information on Solargard’s Sentinel line, check out their website here.


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