Distraction Privacy Window Film…is that a thing?

A translucent decorative film choice that can add design & flair to any glass in an office space

When you think of “privacy film “, frosted film is usually the go-to film in an office space. Whether it is a full panel or just a band-of-film strategically placed to obscure the view, it is a very valuable asset to any space if privacy or distraction is an issue. A decorative layer of film can make a huge difference in an office where there is a great deal of glass, and you’ll notice that glass is something that is incorporated everywhere in architecture today.

Decorative window film can also add a consistent theme and add visual interest throughout a building or office space. Some of the most popular areas that we install decorative, privacy, or distraction privacy film is in businesses that have conference rooms with glass walls, office space with glass doors and sidelites, reception areas, waiting rooms, glass partitions, and the list goes on! You will see window film in many Medical buildings – they use decorative film for safety concerns (so that their clients and patients actually see the glass barriers before them) as well as for decorative purposes, full privacy and distraction privacy. Linen Window Film is a popular choice at Spectrum Health as a decorative element throughout their buildings.

<strong> 3M Linen Film Added to the 2nd Floor Railing at Spectrum Health 461 Michigan St <strong>

<strong>Spectrum Health Ada Linen Window Film on Glass Below the Handrails<strong>

<strong>Spectrum Health Ada Reception Windows<strong>

<strong>Spectrum Health Ada Waiting Room Partitions<strong>

Gradient, Frosted, Etched, Colored, Elegant Textured – the variety and types of Decorative Window Films is enormous.

<strong> Organic Cotton Gradient Film at Spectrum Health Grand Haven <strong>

Frost film and decorative film can be mixed in application for a unique effect! It can also give patients a sense of privacy in a room with lots of activity.

<strong>Swan Orthodontics Caledonia 3M FASARA Chamonix FrostMatte on the Bottom Solyx Stones Film Up Top <strong>

Sometimes a band or panel of Frost Window Film is too dense and opaque for the look and feel of the office space. Below is a great example of subtle distraction privacy. Gradient Window Film comes in many patterns and opacities. Its a detail that most clients do not recognize right away – but appreciate none-the-less.

<strong>Dot Gradient Window Film for Subtle Privacy <strong>

Detraction Privacy definitely is “a thing” when it comes to the function and atmosphere in the workplace. We are finding a growing trend in our business that adding window film it is becoming a forethought and necessity when a building is under construction – rather than an afterthought. The beauty of window film is however, that it is very versatile. It can be installed at any time, inside or outside, and on most glass substrates. It can also be stripped and changed-out over the years if decorative remodeling or other window film properties and requirements are needed.

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