HOT new product: Ecolux Window Film, hits U.S Shores from Europe

Ecolux Window Film: Save Money. Save Energy. Feel Good Indoors.

Meet the newest face of energy saving film, EcoLux Window Film. A film designed to help lower the annual energy costs of home and business owners, using its dual-action technology. Designed with an innovative low-energy coating and solar control properties, this window film accomplishes two tasks:

Ecolux window film

EcoLux Dual-Action Technology




1) First, it lowers heat from the outside on warmer days by reducing the levels of UV rays that penetrate the glass, efficiently reducing the costs of cooling through diminishing the need for air conditioning.

2) Secondly, the coating on the inside keeps the heat indoors by reflecting it back into the room on cooler days, helping to minimize heat costs in your home or business. As an added bonus, many utility companies and government agencies are providing energy vouchers for tax benefits, sometimes even paying part of your installation cost! Curious if this is available to you? Call your utility company today!


In Nottingham, EcoLux  Window Film was installed by a sister company on a conservatory. The clients stated that, “Before, our conservatory was just so hot we couldn’t just sit in there..Since installation, it has become much more comfortable and has become a great playroom for the kids!” Not only does this film allow for lower energy costs, it is an affordable upgrade to any home or business! We have countless clients calling to ask us about this new film, and our construction partners request it on any new job that requires a low-energy glass to be installed since it saves both them and the customer a large cost since this film costs a fraction of the price of specialized glass (Even after installation)!

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