Frost Window Film Hides What’s Inside

A Great Solution and a Fantastic Look!

<strong>Window film installed on the entrance to an IT room<strong>

Frost window film is a great privacy solution for corporate offices that have glass walls and doors to private conference rooms and offices. On many occasions mechanical and IT equipment can be installed in an area that is better off shrouded in privacy – hiding the equipment housed inside the room.

This IT room in an office in Rockford, Michigan had 3 large glass panels that needed to be filmed in order to camouflage it’s interior equipment. Frost Window Film was the perfect solution for the job. Decorative film comes in a variety of designs and patterns, offering subtle to complete opaque privacy.

<strong>Residential glass door kitchen cabinets<strong>

In a residential setting – glass door cabinets and pantries are popular to film in order to hide the contents inside. Window Film can create the look of etched, rain, or antique glass. There are so many options to choose from, and you will find that Decorative Film is a much more economical alternative to custom glass.

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