Growing trends…Decorative films!

Are you planning a project involving decorated glass windows or doors? Welcome to the world of Decorative Films! These films are perfect for any project where you’re looking to improve the look of glass, improve privacy while hitting your budget numbers.

5 Stars lineup of decorative films range from standard frost films to a wide variety of designs, If you do not find a film which suits your needs we can custom print any design.

If you like a $50 a square foot 3form film, just think how nice it would feel to spend $15 a square foot on the same design
Here’s one of our latest projects at Grand Rapids Community College where we double layered and criss crossed a film to give it a two dimensional look.

decorative films grcc   decorative films grcc2

David & Wierenga Law Firm. This is a custom printed film designed for a gradient effect fading from the bottom upward.

decorative films 2decorative films 1

The Double Tree Hotel in Port Huron, MI! This film gives the glass a rain glass effect and beveled glass look at the fraction of the cost of removing and replacing the glass and we  never slowed the project down.

decorative films hotel

Custom prints added to Amway Corporation conference rooms. Decorative films are at it again!

decorative films amway

The greatest advantage is not only cost but lead times on ordering and production. The savings go far beyond just the cost difference in custom glass versus decorative films. The reduction in  production time on a project is tremendous. 

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