Healthcare Privacy in a Glass Partition World

Check out the HUGE difference the addition of Frost Window Film makes in this space!

<strong>Frost Window Film in the Reception Area at <a href=httpswwwspectrumhealthorg>Spectrum Health<a><strong>

The proof is in the pictures! This patient reception area just doesn’t look the same anymore. Privacy is a must in any healthcare setting. From waiting to examination rooms – patients need to feel a sense of comfort that their privacy is important and recognized. Frost window film does an excellent job of creating a privacy barrier between spaces.

<strong>Linen Window Film in the Reception area of <a href=httpswwwspectrumhealthorg>Spectrum Health<a><strong>

Another popular choice is to go with a decorative window film which creates “distraction privacy”. This window film is subtle and typically has a decorative pattern in the film. It’s easy to use this film thematically as a design element throughout an office space. More light is transmitted through the film and gives the illusion of a privacy barrier without being as opaque or concealing.

Glass walls, partitions and even stairwell railings is a part of modern architecture, and window film is a great way to overcome privacy challenges to adapt a space that suits both the provider and the client.

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