How You Can Help Your Local Veterans Today

Freedom isn’t free, someone is always paying a price. We are lucky to be in America, where you can turn a dream into a business. You can dream, draft, and build and dream because men fought, bled, and died to protect our country. Individuals, like veterans, dedicate their lives to protecting us but, in return, face many hardships. Veterans make up almost 8.8% of the adult population of Michigan residents. Cities like Muskegon, Grand Rapids, and Holland are all home to a large portion of the Michigan veteran community. These veterans in our communities are neighbors, friends, or even family.

With Veterans Day approaching, let’s learn how we can give back to the men and women that fought for us.

Make a Difference

The good news is that we can make a change. Programs like the VA and MVRSC are great places for veterans to receive the help they need. We, as community members, can lend a hand to the individuals who risked their lives to protect us and make sure that they have access to these resources. When we have our own time of need, it can be easier for us to find resources than it is for veterans to find their own resources.


Although we have busy schedules, volunteering does not have to take up your entire day. Opportunities to serve can range from 5Ks to serving food at soup kitchens for a few hours. There are over a dozen different programs to volunteer with in Grand Rapids alone.

Check out these opportunities:


Not sure about the time commitment? Consider donating to several of these other organizations that help veterans in the area.

Has Heart is a program created by veteran and local artists to bring more awareness to veteran stories with art. They are currently in the process of building a coffee shop to provide a community space for veterans and locals. This coffee shop is being renovated at the Grand Rapids Veterans Memorial Park.

They are still in need of several items for the coffee shop as well as larger donations to finish the maintenance of the space. If you are interested in getting involved, head over to their website

Shop Local

Want to give back directly? Consider shopping at a veteran-owned business! Michigan is home to hundreds of Veteran owned businesses. Check out this link to find businesses in your area and all kinds of industries.

Here at Five Star,  we love working with Honor Construction! They are a veteran-owned construction management company based in Grand Rapids. Check them out at to see if they can assist you on your next commercial project.


Still not sure where to start? Try supporting businesses and organizations on social media. Like and share their content to help grow their reach.

Think we missed something or want to share more on how Five Star can give back? Email us at

As Veterans Day approaches, let’s give back to the men and women that fight to keep us safe. Together, we can do more for our local veterans.

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