Latex Printing: A hot technology that’s breaking into the window film industry!

What’s so great about window film? Take 3 minutes and check out this installation our sister store United Home Solutions did in Atlanta. This is phenomenal! Look how creative the ideas can get with window film. The sky is the limit, whatever YOU want it can be done!

This work was done with a latex printer on a special film by 3M. Latex printing has been around for some time, but this particular usage is much newer. With latex printing the options are only limited by what you can think of to print! Any image you have that you can print on paper can be printed with latex, as you can see in the video this can make for some amazing transformations in your office and home. Also take note that despite the main point of the film United Home Solutions used being for decoration, it provides great privacy benefits as well! I have to admit, looking at a wall like that all day is much more preferable to watching people walk by and them watching me at my desk!

The Amway Corporation was one of the first companies to jump on this transformation tool when it came to renovating their offices at the global HQ in Ada, MI. Cost effective while looking great!

latex printing example

People have used other options to get an effect such as this before, such as screen printed glass, but that is much more costly and takes more time since it involved the removal, printing, and replacement of the glass being used. If you’re intrigued by this, ask yourself what you wouldn’t mind transforming in your home or business! We see a lot of demand for this sort of work in new office buildings, and especially in hospitals. Think about sitting in the doctor’s office during your next visit and seeing a nice relaxing landscape on the wall instead of etched glass! Here at Five Star Window Coatings we specialize in latex printing as well as the installation of the film! It’s an expensive industry to break into, but demand has never been higher since people started realizing how cost effective and beautiful the results could be.

Latex printing truly is a game-changer in the window film and glass industry! Thanks for the video United Home Solutions!

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