One Way Window Film adds Privacy and Comfort for Health Care

There is a “Cloud of Monarchs” at Spectrum Health Pediatric Rehab!

Visiting a hospital or Physician’s Office whether you are a patient or accompanying a patient can often lead to feeling anxious. A pleasant office setting and atmosphere can really help those nerves.

Health Care Design Professionals have made it a point to take great measures to not only protect privacy – but to create a much more calming environment by adding artwork and visual interest with window film!

<strong>One Way 5050 Printed Window Film at Spectrum Health Pediatric Rehab Offices<strong>

Printed artwork on 50/50 Perforated Vinyl Window Film can produce the one-way visual effect that many healthcare facilities are looking for. Instead of completely blocking the view from both sides with a semi-opaque privacy film such as a frosted etch, a 50/50 Perforated Vinyl gives the flexibility of one-way privacy. The bonus is that it can be printed with bright and beautiful images to warm up the space.

The above example is a One-way Perforated Film we printed and installed in the offices of Spectrum Health Pediatric Rehab. This artwork was chosen from a library of wonderful natural images by

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