Outdoor window film causes dramatic transformations!

See how Solar Gard® Sentinel™ Plus Outside Weatherable Window Film dramatically transformed the appearance of two medical office buildings in Fountain Valley, CA — at a fraction of the cost of glazing, and with no tenant disruption!

 Five Star Window Coatings boasts an extensive lineup of outdoor window film for solar control, increased comfort, energy savings, privacy, and safety & security. Contact me to discuss how our product technologies can help meet your facility needs. Outdoor window film is durable, lasting many years before needing replacement, as well as saving the furniture inside from needing replacement as often due to fading! When so much of the UV rays are being reflected off of the film, the power that the sun has to cause fading to the interior and skin cancer to those inside is dramatically reduced as well. I’m fairly certain that the doctors working inside these hospitals are grateful that their chances of getting cancer are reduced as they work indoors all day trying to save lives!

Changing the look of your building doesn’t have to be expensive! Even if you have a single story building, these films make a huge difference. Contact us today to learn more about our lineup of outdoor window film!

To see more of Solargard’s lineup of outdoor window film that we use, check out this link here: Solargard Sentinel Plus Homepage

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