Printed Window Film for Interior Design

Beautiful Decorative Distraction Privacy!

Printable window film is available in optically clear, clear translucent, frosted, white opaque and perforated one-way vinyl. Designing window panels with a high-resolution image file is just one of the elements needed for a successful sizable mural installation.

Artwork from Henry Domke Fine Art is printed on 95″ panels of 3M Transparent Window Film.

For this Spectrum Health installation in the Cafeteria of the Butterworth Hospital, Grand Rapids, we worked collaboratively with their Senior Interior Designer, and purchased their selected artwork from After performing several print trials on different translucent vinyls with varying degrees of image opacity, we achieved the desired level of distraction privacy and element of design that matched their vision.

A careful field measurement was taken of each glass panel that made up wall sections of the area – and each panel was custom designed to size and section so that the design would continuously flow throughout the space.

Spectrum Health Butterworth Hospital Cafeteria, Grand Rapids.

The result was amazing. The translucent panels complemented the furnishings and fixtures of the space, and created a subtle design element that provided a sense of privacy throughout this common area of the hospital.

A 5 Star installation and completed views of the hospital cafeteria area.

With window film – the possibilities are endless! This is a perfect example of how interior glass walls can be transformed into purposeful artistic interior design. What a great solution for subtle privacy!

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