Reduce construction costs with Ecolux!


Are you considering a commercial renovation or energy saving upgrades? Here is something to consider to drastically reduce the construction costs.
Finally, a window film designed to cut energy costs 365 days a year!
SolarGard’s Low-E line of window film was born to save you money. It begins cutting your costs from the beginning by giving you a more cost effective option to save energy over replacing windows – A process that both costs more money and takes much more time to do! In the heat of summer or the cold of winter, this film provides great savings. It’s hard to beat when you compare the cost of new windows and insulation to Ecolux.

With energy costs on the rise the return on your investment for new glass could be 10 to 15 years. With Ecolux it could be 3 yrs. After that it’s money in the bank! A double bonus is the energy rebates that may be available to you from your utility company. Solar Control has never been easier or more efficient!


Window film will also reduce the downtime during the renovation period. Re-glazing is a long process and can require additional construction and design for a retrofit.

Go to the link below and get all the information on our new and exciting Low E window film, Ecolux by Solargard.

Ecolux Brochure 

Remember you either pay for the energy or you pay for the solution!

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