Safety & Security Window Film Can Buy Extra Time!

An extra two to three minutes could mean the difference between life and death…

In my Security business I have had the opportunity to work with window film companies across the nation. Five Star has proven time and time again they are among the best. Their customer service and attention to detail set them apart from the competition. They always exceed our and the clients expectations

Jason Russell, President, Firestorm/Secure Education Consultants

A valuable barrier that buys precious time, installed correctly, Safety & Security Window Film and an Impact Protection Attachment System can help deter unwanted individuals from entering. Protecting buildings, businesses, schools and homes against break-ins, vandalism and even bomb blasts – this film and attachment system technology holds window glass together in the event of breakage. Glass that is more difficult to pass through can therefore buy extra time to help guard against active shooter events that have plagued our country.

School Security is our top priority! The 5-Star Team has been assessing and installing safety and security window film throughout the Midwest since 1989. Many of these assessments uncovered multiple deficiencies in the window film application by the competition. With all the confusion and misinformation about security film and the anchoring systems, we’re offering a free initial assessment of your school(s) window security posture.

5 Star installs state-of-the-art window film technology including 3M Safety & Security Protective Window Film where it is their motto to; “Be safe. Be secure. Be sure.”

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