S.A.F.E. is an initiative to raise national awareness of the causes and effects of school shootings.

For some insight into the police force mindset in dealing with the impact on the communities in which they serve – Guest Kyle Rehatchek discusses how school shootings have affected the local police force. At 3:04 minutes he talks about how window film “gives time…invisible protection.”  To view – Click on the picture below:

This web show is sponsored by Solar Gard. Through SAFE, the hope is to educate the public on how strategic safety measures can save lives and make a dramatic difference on the outcomes of violent attacks.


Five Star Window Coatings offers a free safety and security assessment homes, businesses and most importantly schools.  If you are concerned about the security & safety of your school or business please contact us! Security Window Film with a properly installed attachment system is barrier of invisible protection which in turn can provide precious TIME.

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