Sun Damage Prevention at the Deepwood Estate!


Did you know?  With the high visible light transmission (VLT) of Panorama Hilite window film – chances are you’ll forget it’s there!

What you won’t forget is the increased comfort of your historic space’s interior (and lower utility bills!), with no risk of fading the valuable collections you display.  Learn more about how Panorama Hilite met historic board approval for the Deepwood Estate in Salem, OR, and Modesto State Theatre in Modesto, CA. (Pictured below!)

Deepwood Estate

The Deepwood Estate truly is a beautiful place, and the sun control film from Solargard they had installed is going to help keep it that way for many years to come! Along with the Modesto State Theatre in Modesto, California, these two customers were so impressed with the ability window film had to reduce fading and lower their monthly utility costs that they submitted their stories to Solargard for recognition! It’s not every day that two iconic monuments such as these give a shout-out to the humble industry of window film!

As an Authorized Panorama Dealer, Five Star Window Coatings offers the Panorama line of window films from Solar Gard.  Looking for a solution for solar control, increased comfort, energy savings, privacy, or safety & security?  Please contact me to discuss how the Panorama series can meet your needs.

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