Switchable Frost… Can You Really Turn Privacy Window Film “On and Off”?

A decorative film that offers total control over
your privacy in any glass setting

Typically, the go-to film in an office space that lacks privacy is a frosted decorative film. With its clean and semi-opaque look, it offers a way to eliminate surrounding distractions. Now however, I am here to say that we can offer you privacy-on-demand!  The ability to keep the open-airy architecture that glass walls provide – and still maintain the privacy that is occasionally a must. With unique liquid crystal technology called PDLCD (Polymer Dispersed Liquid Crystal Display), privacy can be controlled better than with any window shade, curtain or blind. This privacy window film can be controlled in any space where this film is adhered. First things first though, let’s start at the beginning.

Even though this amazing film has been around for the past 5 years, and we’ve been installing it, it’s just now getting recognized by architects, interior designers, trade magazines, etc. Why is this? I’m not sure why it has taken so long – but we are definitely not complaining either!

This semi-opaque film works with molecules, polymers, transmittance…. and okay, I lost you now. Science wasn’t my strong suit in school, so let’s keep this simple and stick to the facts.

PDLCD Technology – Switchable Frost Window Film

PDLCD technology all comes down to applied power to the film through a small wire that is cleverly hidden of course. When the power is on, the microscopic liquid crystal droplets in the film begin to align themselves. In doing this, the film now allows transmittance of light through the film. In short, one would simply say the window is clear, see through and unobstructed. Now in the off-state, when no power is applied, this film is opaque. Remember those small liquid crystal droplets we mentioned? Those droplets are now suspended in the film, or as scientists would say the polymer matrix, to detect light and make your surrounding space that much more confidential (the science of this remarkable window film is referenced from the site: https://dglassp.com/news )

With control
through a wireless remote or a light switch on the wall, you now have the best
of both worlds. The ability to switch from a modern spacious atmosphere to the
private area that you want; all with the click of a button.

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