The Role of 3M Security Film in Protecting Schools

Ever wonder how 3M Security Film can aid in protecting schools? Even if you haven’t, you should, if even for a moment.

We’ve talked about it a little before, when the federal government rolled out Code Red grants to school districts to enhance school security in light of recent school shootings and bomb threats. 3M Security Film for glass doors and windows is a great way to boost the security of the traditionally weakest point in building security, and since you’re not replacing the windows and doors, the high cost of safety glass plus installation isn’t a factor.

Typically it takes 1-2 strong hits to break through a glass door, or a single shot from a firearm. Check out the video below, our supplier did a great job demonstrating the effectiveness of security film here, can you imagine what it could do in a code red situation in schools?

Sure, you can argue that not everyone will just use a sledge hammer, but normal glass would NEVER hold up to that sort of a beating. Even if this 3M Security Film only bought an extra 30 seconds that’s still a lot of time compared to 2-3 seconds!

For a moment, let’s think about if each door in a school had this film system installed… Most schools tend to have 2 sets of doors in order to lower energy loss due from heating or cooling inside the building. If these doors had these systems installed, that would easily add a couple of minutes before someone could forcefully enter the building. Given that, what about each door and window inside the school? This could effectively slow down an attacker long enough for the school security team or police force to arrive and deal with the situation while lowering the potential for harm to the innocent lives inside the building!

For more information on what 3M Security Film has to offer, check out 3M”s Website here!

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