We Make it Happen with Branding, Privacy, and Flair

We are providing corporative branding, privacy, and decorative flair for our local companies in West Michigan

Working with Custer’s design – we custom cut and installed eyeglasses and a hashtag address for the children’s area of the new offices of West Michigan Eyecare on East Paris – what a fun idea!



The big “B” stands for the Rockford based Byrne Electrical Specialists, Inc. We installed this custom cut logo as well as hand-cut frost detail on their railings and doors for their new manufacturing facility “Pickle Docks” located in Lakeview. The company’s expansion is twofold – the new facility will increase Byrne’s output while heightening the company’s access to skilled workers in Northern Michigan.



Check out the awesome custom printed photo mural we installed of the Miller Johnson founders – their signatures cut and applied in white vinyl. A fantastic and memorable design idea!



Preparing to move to their new location in Wyoming, we helped Ajacs Building Supply by installing frost for privacy to their offices and conference room – as well as a special custom cut logo on the conference room door.



A custom decorative film layout to provide privacy for the new conference room at Dooge Veneers, Grand Rapids. The logo/branding makes this installation special.


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