What is Security Film?

Protecting our Children in School – Security film enhances Code Red Protection Guidelines!

Due to the increased threats in our schools in recent years, many school districts are opting for use of security and decorative films as a cost effective way for enhanced protection in the classrooms and school entrances. Security film alone makes it a great choice for those looking to improve security measures on a budget.

In the video below, the Armorcoat safety film by Solargard is put to the test under extreme conditions, showing just how much stress it can handle.

ArmorCoat Sledgehammer Test

After watching the video I am sure you will be convinced of SolarGard’s security film strength. Look at how long it takes a person to get through a window with a sledge hammer. Just imagine how much more time school personnel would have if that was an intruder trying to enter a school door or a window! The best part, it does not break a school’s budget.

Solar Gard Window film is an excellent and inexpensive choice to enhance code red guidelines.

Check out the links below for more information regarding Armorcoat and Michigan Code Red policy!

Many schools have utilized 5 Star Window Coatings for security applications. We do not publish their names for the purpose of security. 5 Star would be happy to provide customer references during a private consultation.

Imagine a product that can give you time and protection from an intruder at a fraction of the price of anything else on the market!

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