Window Film at Work in Your Home (by Solargard)

Solargard was kind enough to put together this video demonstrating how their films can transform any home, take a look! Seeing how something as simple as window film can ch

Notice huge difference in heat reduction when window film is installed in the living room, or how easy the change on a glass wall can be with the power of decorative window film! What about that security film? Any of these can make a great addition to your home, from reducing fading, making an easy decoration, or transforming your windows (or even your shower)  into shatter proof glass, window film can make it happen!

If this video has piqued your curiosity, give us a shout! We’re always here to help you better understand our work in the window film and glass industry. You can also check out Solargard’s site for more information on some of the films listed in this video. Solargard Homepage

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