Window Film to Hide What’s Inside

An Effective and Economical way to Obscure and Camouflage

<strong><em>Van Andel Area VIP Room<em><strong>

The look – simply fantastic!

This custom silhouette design printed on white opaque vinyl is installed on two sets of sliding doors to hide the back of the serving space in the Van Andel VIP Room.  Each set of 5 doors has it’s own silhouette picture that is set off by the unique lighting of the space.

Window film is a great way to camouflage or hide what’s behind glass doors, windows and spaces that needs to be obscured from plain sight.  Whether it’s black-out film, decorative film, privacy frost, or a custom printed design – it’s an effective, economical way to do the job.  The result can be a great feature and a focal point of the space  – much like the VIP Room at Van Andel Area!

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