Window Film With Decorative Designs

For a fraction of the cost of designer glass – window film can customize your surroundings

You move into your new home and realize you have to do something about the sidelight next to the front door – or the bathroom window that directly faces your neighbors windows… these are areas that are not ideal for window treatments or shades. Privacy may be essential and decorative film can be the perfect solution.

<strong>Textured Decorative Rain Glass Window Film Application on a Bathroom Window<strong>

For a fraction of the cost of designer glass, decorative window film can easily give your windows the look of frosted, etched, textured or stained glass – and you can even take it a step further and go with an elegant design in the film. From a residential perspective the concern is primarily exterior privacy. From a corporate perspective, decorative window film can provide exterior and interior privacy for offices, conference room, waiting rooms, reception areas, labs, cubicles, fitness rooms, bathrooms, and the list goes on! With so many patterns and options to choose from – there is basically a window film that can suit a variety of design styles and functional needs.

<strong>Namibia Gradient by Solyx installed on doors to hide power boxes in the new radiology room at Blodget Hospital <strong><br >

<strong> Solyx Broken Line Gradient Film installed in the offices of Mercy Health Grand Rapids MI <strong>

Window film can provide privacy or camouflage areas of an office while still allowing excellent light transmission. Gradient films are a popular choice to achieve the best of both worlds – a slow or deliberate fade from an opaque patterned background that fades to clear.

<strong>Over all <a href=httpswwwdecorativefilmcom>Decorative Solyx<a> Transparent Leaf Pattern<strong>

Whether it is an all over solid translucent film, a gradient fade, or an over-all decorative pattern – window film can customize your surroundings, add style and privacy while giving your windows new life.

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